Jack Marshall

The Virtuous Lawyer’s Grand Tour: A CLE Ethics Adventure

[ 2, 3 or 4 hours Legal Ethics CLE ]

Description: Legal ethics is determined in places distant from the rules of any one jurisdiction, with almost daily developments that appear in new rules interpretations, court decisions, and legal ethics opinions across the country. It has been a significant and perplexing 12 months for legal ethics, with schisms of principle and language between the ABA and major jurisdictions, rule overhauls in California and elsewhere, and, as usual, New York, Florida, D.C. and other adventurous jurisdictions charting their  own paths through the thickets of controversy. Technology continued to create new ethical demands.  Lawyers wrestled with how to meet professional obligations while avoiding becoming a part of corporate fraud. Prosecutors and government attorneys encountered ethical challenges that the rules barely address. The last 12 months ended with more ethical gray areas than it began with, leaving problems that lawyers ignore at their peril.

This constantly updated  interactive seminar takes attorneys on a wild and revealing tour of the most recent critical developments and controversies, from surprising discipline rulings and non-rulings (can a prosecutor ethically throw an unjust case?) to deceptive witnesses (How does a lawyer respond when she finds out her client wore a fake military medal on the stand?) to government lawyers whose true clients are a matter of debate. Within these real life ethics dramas from across the country are important lessons, resources and caveats that every lawyer need to know. Best of all, the subject matter will cover events right up to the day of the seminar.

The Virtuous Lawyer’s Grand Tour will cover such issues as…

•    The ethical and unethical use of information from one client’s case in another matter.
•    Conflicts arising from quasi-legal or non-legal activities
•    Ethics traps for municipal, state, federal and legislative government lawyers, and how to avoid them.
•    How technology can make you unethical
•    Fees, the non-paying client, and outsourcing ethics
•    New standards of communication
•    Seven real life lawyers’ ethics mistakes that everyone should know about
•    …and more.

The Virtuous Lawyer’s Grand Tour is an updated and expanded version of an acclaimed ProEthics seminar that received top evaluations from lawyers in D.C.;  Richmond;  Maryland;  New York;  Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; Houston; and Dallas.

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