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Welcome to ProEthics…Your Resource for Unique, Engaging and Effective Ethics and Compliance Training

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ProEthics, Ltd., is a national professional ethics training and consulting firm based in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington D.C.  It is led by Jack Marshall, who has diverse training and experience as an ethicist, teacher, professional speaker, lawyer, performer and stage director.

Founded in 1994, ProEthics has gained a national reputation for creating and delivering professional ethics  training sessions, seminars, retreats and presentations that lead the field in their creativity, timeliness, energy and effectiveness.

ProEthics makes the exploration of legal, business and professional ethics stimulating and memorable, while  firmly relating the practice of ethics to practical realities. Using a multi-faceted approach that may include drama, humor, history and popular culture, our seminars  challenge participants with interactive exercises and hypotheticals taken from actual cases and events.

ProEthics consults to and presents seminars for a wide variety of  organizations in many fields, including..

  • State and local bar associations, including the American Bar Association
  • Law firms (large and small)
  • Fortune 500 companies,
  • Federal and local government agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Charities and Non-profit organizations
  • Medical research facilities
  • Accounting firms
  • Trade associations across the country and around the world.

ProEthics’ Secret Weapon, The Ethical Arts Players: The most difficult ethical problems are far easier to consider when they are seen rather than read, and it is the job of The Ethical Arts Players to bring ethical dilemmas to life with drama, wit, comedy, and even music.

Established in 1993, the Washington, D.C. based troupe has performed for professional groups in law, medicine, research, government and business, illuminating  ethical situations and challenging participants to analyze them. The 15-member group consists of experienced and versatile professional actors with abundant credits in television, movies, stage and industrial shows.

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Recent evaluation comments from seminar attendees :

  • “Jack is a great speaker with a telling knowledge of the rules, very practical and helpful advice.”
  • “Very engaging and entertaining…made a dry topic interesting.”
  • “I loved Jack’s presentation: lively and interesting.”
  • “The most engaging ethics session I have seen in 27 years of practice!”
  • “Jack Marshall was amazing. Extremely interesting and fun to listen to.”
  • “Great presentation.”
  • “One of the best CLEs I’ve attended in 19 years.”
  • “Mr. Marshall makes ethics interesting  (even fun!) and keeps things moving.”
  • “Did not think I was going to  enjoy, but I did!”
  • “Jack Marshall’s ethics courses are always THE BEST!”
  • Mr. Marshall’s presentations are always excellent. I look forwrad to them and try to attend one each year to satisfy my state’s ethics requirement.

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