Jack Marshall

Business, Management, Government and Leadership Ethics

ProEthics crafts and facilitates business, management and leadership ethics seminars for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, as well as trade associations and professional groups. Each is customized to be relevant to the particular business of profession, in consultation with staff, leaders and members.

These programs follow the ProEthics format, presenting useful tools and concepts for ethical analysis, then challenging participants to apply them to engaging interactive hypotheticals, often based on current issues and problems facing attendees in their work. The business seminars often use the talents of the Ethical Arts Players to inject added visual interest, humor and versatility.

Among the specialty areas  covered in ProEthics business, management and leadership seminars:

  • Executive leadership
  • Ethical supervision
  • Non Profit management
  • Compliance oversight
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human resources and personnel management
  • Research and development
  • Financial records
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Regulatory oversight

…and more.

Current programs in these areas include:

  • The Compliance Zone, with Captain Compliance: A popular specialty format is the Compliance Zone, in which a typically boring compliance and ethics presentation is “unexpectedly” interrupted by the masked and costumed Captain Compliance, a caped and masked alien superhero (portrayed by Jack Marshall) who  has journeyed from the Compliance Planet to test the ethical culture on Earth. The Captain introduces a Rod Serling-like character who introduces a series of humorous but provocative management scenarios, with the audience being challenged to address multiple decisions with ethical implications. The Compliance Zone, with Captain Compliance and The Ethical Arts Players has been presented more than fifty times across the country, for groups ranging from Altria, the Electronics Industry Association and Computer Associates, to the Veterans Administration. It typically runs between an hour and two hours, and can be a component of longer programs.
  • The Business Ethics Work-Out: A rich and challenging  customized exploration of business ethics, customized to the organization. (Read more…)
  • The Virtuous Manager: A two-three hour interactive program, with useful materials for future reference. The program includes basic ethical tools and applied them to management and leadership dilemmas, adapted from actual case studies. The program is regularly updated, and can include  components specially created for:

-Local governments and municipalities

–Non profits and charities

–Educational institutions

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