Jack Marshall

Legal Ethics and Technology

2-3 hours legal ethics CLE

Legal Ethics and Technology: Surviving the Legal Ethics Jungle is a three-hour CLE ethics seminar that explores the rapidly proliferating ethical challenges of practicing law with and around technology, while recommending steps even the most tech-addled lawyers can and should take to protect clients and themselves.

The seminar is updated and expanded as needed, which in today’s rapidly changing technology environment, is weekly or even daily

Using  an interactive, entertaining  format, the seminar covers a wide range of areas in a stimulating and engaging, if occasionally terrifying, manner:

  • Expectation of privacy: does it still exist?
  • The duty to protect clients from themselves.
  • Confidentiality threats.
  • Keeping current on technology, why it’s unethical not to, and why it’s still almost impossible to do so.
  • Discovery and document storage.
  • How the Rules of Professional Conduct apply to uses of technology, and where the rules provide insufficient guidance, or are behind the curve.
  • Technology traps that other lawyers have fallen into, and new dangers ahead
  • New technology with legal ethics implications

Legal Ethics and Technology also addresses the following specific areas of risk:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Smart phones
  • Apps
  • Personal devices
  • Technology User Agreements
  • The Cloud
  • Malware
  • Hacking
  • E-discovery
  • Big Data
  • …and more.

This seminar has been presented to raves from law firms, bar associations, and government agencies

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