Jack Marshall

Speaking Engagements

No topic is more likely to spark the interest of dinner gathering, plenary session, convention, retreat or other organization event than a provocative exploration right and wrong, particularly when the presentation involves current events, new insights, humor and audience interaction.

From hot societal issues like civility in politics and the Internet and no-tolerance policies in the schools, to sports controversies like steroids, big money college athletics and the “unwritten rules” of baseball, to wide-ranging overviews of ethics in popular culture, Jack Marshall can craft and deliver a uniquely entertaining and enlightening speech to your organization for 60 to 90 minutes for a reasonable fee.

His speaking engagements benefit from his diverse professional experience as an actor, professional stage director, comedy writer, lawyer, ethicist, and blogger. Delivered in a spontaneous and energetic style, Marshall’s speeches always leave his audiences laughing and more important, thinking.

Please contact  ProEthics for arrangements, availability, and fees.

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