Jack Marshall

Clarence Darrow’s Ethics Lessons For Today’s More Ethical Lawyer

Clarence Darrow is the legal profession’s most admired practitioner of the past. But Darrow’s relationship with the ethical principles lawyers aspire to was a rocky one, and his career exemplifies that of the lawyer who often bent or even broke the rules for what he regarded as a higher purpose.

In this unique legal ethics program, award-winning stage and film actor Paul Morella, who has been portraying Darrow for nearly two decades, reenacts some of the iconic lawyer’s most riveting courtroom moments while laying the foundation for an examination of the ethical issues raised by the great attorney’s long career, while ethicist, lawyer and Darrow historian Jack Marshall leads attendees in a lively and interactive examination of these issues, which include….

     Character and fitness

     Conflicts of interest

     Multiple representations

     Independent judgment

     Jury Nullification

     Mission lawyering


     Technology in litigation

     Dirty tricks and courtroom theatrics

     Dishonesty and misrepresentation

     Fraud on the tribunal

……and more.

The program includes materials for each participant, and will satisfy 3 hours state CLE ethics requirements.


Paul Morella as Darrow
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