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Special ProEthics Seminars And Presentations

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ProEthics Workplace Ethics and Sexual Harassment Training

(Updated 11/21)

Everyone hates sexual harassment training, and, as a result, most programs merely serve as “check-box” exercises, fulfilling liability requirements but doing little to reduce workplace misconduct or make strides toward a safe, fair and respectful workplace.

ProEthics workplace ethics programs are the exception. Lively, interactive, often employing the diverse talents of the Ethical Arts Player, yet substantive and challenging, our seminars are designed to make certain staff and management buy in to the ethics principles that guarantee a harassment free workplace, and that the ethics alarms start ringing before conduct crosses lines—not just legal lines, but the those defining professionalism, ethics, and common sense.

ProEthics has customized its workplace harassment training for government agencies, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies,  law firms, associations, and academic institutions. The response is routinely positive.

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The Ethics Funhouse

The Funny, Scary Legal Ethics Game Show!

(Updated to 9/21)

[Note: this format requires a volunteer panel three (glib, ideally engaging and knowledgeable) attorneys with a solid knowledge of  legal ethics]

(Four, three or two hours)

A strange and funny, lightning paced  ethics seminar in the format of a panel game show. Three distinguished practitioners/ expert/ contestants answer and discuss legal ethics questions, hypotheticals and dilemmas posed in various diabolical ways by the Ethics Host, who will involve the audience in competition with the panel as well as lively debate on current legal ethics issues. The up-to-the-minute program is a parody of a parody,  inspired by NPR’s humor and current events panel show “Wait…Wait! Don’t Tell Me!”

The program has been adapted for law firm and bar groups, researchers, business groups, even actuaries! Each version is customized for the event and the profession involved.

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Ethics Jamboree!

(Updated to  8/21)

The Country-Western Musical CLE Seminar

ProEthics’ newest musical CLE seminar, “Ethics By The Number, Conflicts By The Score: An Ethics Jamboree!”, premiered April 20 at the D.C. Bar’s annual Judicial Conference. It was a great hit with the audience, which was tested with more than a score of legal ethics issues posed by guitarist-singer Mike Messer’s renditions of humorous parodies of such Country classics as “Crazy,” “El Paso,” “Long, Long Time,” “The Gambler,” Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Lawyers,’ and others. Among the legal ethics topics covered (constantly updated to stay current with recent cases and developments…

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ProEthics also features programs and seminars on Business and Management Ethics with Business Ethics Rock!  [Read more]; Charity and not-for-profit ethics for boards, managers, fundraisers and lawyers…[Read more];Sexual harassment and workplace ethicseffective, interactive, and believe it or not,  fun[Read more]; Accounting Ethics for non-boring accountants [Read more]


And the Most Acclaimed of All…


ProEthics’ Musical Legal Ethics CLE Seminars!

The most popular, and perhaps the most effective, of all the ProEthics legal ethics seminars are those combining the talents of The Ethical Arts Players, musical parody, classic songs, and challenging hypotheticals. The current line-up includes…

NEW! Jack’s FAVORITE!…Ethics Blues. It requires a piano, but is well worth it. Professional cabaret singer, comic and actress Esther Covington accompanies herself as she sings lilting parodies that pack more ethics issues and more great music into a single seminar than any program before or since—- to the unforgettable tunes of Richard Rodgers, Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and others. [Read more]

Ethics Rock Extreme: From the opening strains of the Queen parody medley, to an audience sing-along to the ethical dilemma-filled parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (a sing-along!)  Ethics Rock Extreme explores the latest developments in the always-dynamic field of professional ethics with parodies of a wide-ranging selection of hits from diverse artists such as Paul Simon, The Police, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan and more.  [Read more]

THE CHAMPION! Ethics Rock! ProEthics’ all-time most requested program, with performances for more than twenty bar associations, plus law firms, professional groups, law schools, alumni groups and corporate law departments. [Read more]

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