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Accounting Ethics


Interactive Accounting Ethics Training:

The Path of the Virtuous Accountant

(Two, Three or Four hours  of CPE requirements)


Description: In the midst of a financial crisis that is rooted in a nationwide collapse in trust, the integrity and ethical practices of those in the accounting field have never been more important. Honest, courageous, skilled, and reliable accountants whose ethical sensibilities are keen and whose ethics understanding is thorough will play a crucial part in building strong and successful organizations, and, in turn, a healthy and thriving private sector.

They do not have to be bored to tears in the process. ProEthics now offers The Path of the Virtuous Accountant, the first in a series of interactive seminars for accounting professionals, completely current and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field

The Path of the Virtuous Accountant is a live, lively, interactive seminar that has two, three, and four hour versions. Attendees receive a foundation in basic ethical principles using concepts from diverse disciplines and fields. They review the ethical problem-solving process in the business and accounting context, and are introduced to the impediments, some unexpected and insidious, to ethical practice. The seminar then explores challenging and entertaining hypothetical situations, as the class votes on options and engages in lively discussion designed to sharpen ethics sensitivity, knowledge, and problem solving ability.

The seminar examines…

  • The inherent and unavoidable conflict of interest that afflicts all accountants, and how to deal with it.

  • The limitations of codes and rules affecting accountants.

  • Spotting and avoiding corrupting influences, arguments, and situations.

  • When the ethics alarms should start ringing, and how to make sure they sound early and clearly.

  • The interaction of truth, courage, and public responsibility and the basic ethical obligations of a professional

  • Coping with non-ethical considerations, including greed.

  • Methods for staying ethical in an unethical culture

  • …and  more.

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