Jack Marshall

Charity and Non Profit Ethics


The rationalization is called “the Saint’s Excuse”: a state of mind that can cause board members, officers, managers and staff members to believe that the virtuous mission allows the organization and them ethical leeway than a more material objective would permit. This is a fallacy, however, and a dangerous one, for both non profit staff and the organization itself.

ProEthics has been doing ethics training for the management and staffs of non profit organizations since 1994. Among the well-received interactive seminars offered in this especially challenging field are:

Ethics for Angels (2 hours; non profit management and staff)

The Virtuous Non Profit Board (2 hours; Board and general counsel)

When the Good Guys Do Bad Doing Good ( 2-4 hours CLE; legal staff and outside attorneys)

Ethics Traps and Pitfalls For the Virtuous Non Profit ( 2 hours management and staff)

Building an Ethical Culture Inside Your Non Profit (2-3 hours; Board, officers and management)

The High Road: Meeting the Non Profit’s Higher Ethical Standard (2 hours; staff and management)

Ethical Practice for the Non Profit Accountant (2-3 hours certification requirements; financial staff and accountants)

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