Jack Marshall

Ethics Acceleration: Keeping up with Legal Ethics and the Changing Culture of Right and Wrong

[2 0r 3 hours of CLE credit; also can include professionalism, civility, anti-bias and diversity as needed.]

No longer can attorneys rely on the ethical principles they learned in law school or as first year associates, for the landscape of professional ethics is changing rapidly. Foreign practice, public scrutiny, high-profile cases, rule revisions, and technology are just a few of the factors that are challenging lawyers to refurbish and retro-fit their ethical assumptions.

Ethics Acceleration: The Challenge of Keeping Pace With Professional Ethics in Times of Rapid Change  is an entirely new three hour ethics CLE seminar designed for law firms and bar associations that is customized for jurisdiction and practice area. Using hypothetical problems based on actual and current cases, new insights from current commentary and scholarship, and in some formats, group exercises, this interactive and fast-moving session will challenge participants and leave them with new tools, sharpened skills, and plenty to worry about….all focused on new legal ethics developments across the nation, and strategies for dealing with them.

Among the issues covered:

•    A review of the major ethics developments of the past six months, up to the minute.

•    New thinking about direct adversity conflicts

•    Representing a corporation and board members

•    The duty to protect new secrets of former clients

•    The Oasis non-resolution

•    Waiving privilege

•    New pressures for mandatory reporting

•    Working with foreign lawyers

•    The pre-engagement billing conundrum

•    …and more.

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