Jack Marshall

Ethics Chess 2019: Thinking Ahead in the Challenging Game of Legal Ethics

The most popular, most requested non-musical legal ethics program in the ProEthics repertoire!

[ 2 or 3 hours Legal Ethics CLE]“

Description: Ethics Chess is an entertaining and field-tested program that provides real tools and strategies to help the practicing attorney avoid ethics problems.

As ethics rules become more complex, it is increasingly apparent that the objective of any prudent lawyer must be to avoid pre-unethical conditions.  You must recognize them and learn to take steps to avoid them several moves ahead.  You need to be proficient at Ethics Chess.

This seminar tests the attorney’s ethical chess skills while demonstrating some useful new moves.  This challenging, current, informative, and quickly paced session is a key to thinking as an ethical attorney must think, for his survival and that of his clients.

Among the topics addressed, and the useful “moves” described…

  • Dilemmas, Conflicts and Gray Areas: The Battleground of Ethics Chess
  • Setting the board: the Rules, the Culture, and Thinking about Ethics
  • The First Move:  Reconciling Ethical Systems
  • Move #2:  Prepare To Battle Non-Ethical Considerations
  • Move #3: Review Your Options When the Rules Aren’t Enough
  • Move #4:  Beware of the Potential Client
  • Move #5:  Prepare for Multi-jurisdictional Disputes
  • Move #6:  Know the Difference Between Compliance and Ethics
  • Move  #7:  Think About the Limits of Zeal Move
  • #8:  Keep Track of the Rules That Keep Moving
  • Move #9:  Avoid Pre-Unethical Conditions
  • Move #10:  Practice Ethical Decision-Making –
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