Jack Marshall

Ethics Rock Extreme

[2, 3, or 4 hours of CLE ethics credit]

The eagerly-awaited sequel to Ethics Rock!, Ethics Rock Extreme is a musical CLE ethics program featuring classic rock, pop and folk parodies from the Seventies and Eighties.

From the opening strains of the Queen parody medley, to an audience sing-along with the ethical dilemma-filled parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,”   Ethics Rock Extreme explores the latest developments in the always-dynamic field of professional ethics with parodies of a wide-ranging selection of hits from diverse artists such as Paul Simon, The Police, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan and more.

Among the current issues raised in the altered lyrics:

•    Ethical perils of the new technology
•    Using a client’s confidences
•    Settlement dilemmas
•    Handling the dubious deception
•    Reporting your own errors
•    Client and witness fraud
•    The limits of bullying, threats and hardball
•    Unwaivable conflicts that lawyers think are waived
•    The moral obligations of advocacy
•    Hidden perils of the exceptions to confidentiality
•    …and more.

The program features New York City rock singer, composer, actor and musician Mike Messer on the acoustic guitar. Messer, who has been performing nationally and internationally for 12 years, is the lead singer for The Dirty Sock Funtime  Band (dirtysockfuntimeband.com), a rock band for kids.  He was lead singer on the British Rock Symphony tour alongside music legend Billy Preston, and starred in Hair on its 30th anniversary European tour, eventually bringing those songs of peace to Beirut, Lebanon.  He’s been featured on “Sesame Street,” and in a great number of plays off-Broadway and regionally.

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