Jack Marshall

Ethics Rock!

[ 2,3, or 4 hours of ethics CLE credit]

The tuneful and nostalgic legal ethics seminar presents complex legal ethics scenarios as expertly performed parodies of some of the greatest rock-and-roll hits of the ‘60s and 70’s, accompanied by acoustic guitar and sung by professional  rock performer Mike Messer.  The Beatles,  The Who, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, and many others find their works transformed into new humorous parodies that tell stories of lawyers facing ethical difficulties while somehow retaining the flavor and spark of the original hit songs.  And there is a fast-paced  power point visual accompaniment to each song.

Song Parodies and Issues (Four hour version):

  • Overture:  “See Me, Hire Me, Pay Me” (“Tommy” Medley)  Basic duties in the attorney-client relationship
  • “Goon Posse/Country is Broken/Defense Department and Justice Attorney” (Cat Stevens hits)  Fitness to practice, duties of communication, moral turpitude, and legal advice as a moral act
  • “The Ballad of Fagin Snow” (“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”)  Supervisor/subordinate, deceptive tactics, candor toward to the tribunal.
  • “A Day in the Court” (“A Day in the Life”)  Courtroom tactics, dirty tricks, fraud on the court, false evidence and misrepresentations
  • “Me and Somebody’s Bar” (“Me And Bobbie McGee”) Multi-jurisdictional practice and the unauthorized practice of law, conflict of laws
  • “What 1.6 Is For” (“When I’m Sixty-Four”).  Ethical considerations when changing firms, conflicts, confidentiality, screening

  • “The Dentist” (“The Boxer”)  Joint representations, hearing too much, conflicts, confidentiality, the incompetent client
  • “Never Done This Before” (“Lookin’ Out My Back Door”) Competence, loyalty, “Hot Potato” cases
  • “Scum and Pain” (“Fire and Rain”)  Former clients, duty to warn, confidentiality, conflicts, competing duties

  • ” The Day My Ethics Died” (“American Pie”).  1)organization representation issues,  communication, honesty, organization representation and more; 2) Alternate version: disabled client, frivolous lawsuits, client fraud, and more
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