Jack Marshall

Ethics Safari: Surviving the Legal Practice Jungle

(2 or 3-hour Legal Ethics CLE)

Despite constant professional rules revisions and ongoing adjustments, the gray areas of ethical legal practice remain and even expand, causing understandable confusion among attorneys, clients and ethics panels. New technologies, new tactics, even new conflicts have begun to emerge, and the profession is scrambling to set its ethical bearings. More than ever, it is a jungle out there, and some traditional assumptions about the right way to practice of law may not apply.

They may even be dangerous.

Ethics Safari: Surviving the Legal Practice Jungle is a challenging interactive seminar that ventures into these shadowy areas, exploring recent developments in legal ethics as well as new tools for anticipating and dealing with ethics dilemmas. Engaging hypotheticals, most based on recent cases and lawyer experiences, become the catalyst for wide-ranging group discussion and debate.

Among the topics covered:

•    Ethical perils of new technology, including social networking sites.

•    Attacking one’s own work
•    Dealing with the impaired adversary
•    When waivers don’t work…and asking for them is unethical.
•    Doing the right thing when life and lawyering duties clash.
•    Contradictory ethics duties, and how to handle them
•    The ethics of malpractice
•    Up to the day developments in legal ethics…and more.

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