Jack Marshall

The Legal Ethics Funhouse!

The Legal  Ethics Funhouse: the Exciting and Frightening Legal Ethics Game Show!

[Note: this format requires a volunteer panel three (glib, ideally engaging and knowledgeable) attorneys with a solid knowledge of  legal ethics]

A strange and funny, lightening- paced CLE ethics seminar in the format of a panel game show. Three distinguished practitioners/ expert/ contestants answer and discuss legal ethics questions, hypotheticals and dilemmas posed in various diabolical ways by the Legal Ethics Host, who will involve the audience in competition with the panel as well as lively debate on current legal ethics issues. The  CLE program is a parody of a parody,  inspired by NPR’s humor and current events panel show “Wait…Wait! Don’t Tell Me!”

Panel members and audience members may be asked to find the true legal ethics story from among fictional hypotheticals, complete a limerick describing an ethics controversy, or guess the ending to bizarre legal ethics sagas. In the lively discussions that follow, the panel and the host, legal ethicist/attorney/entertainer Jack Marshall will engage the audience in discussion, along with references to relevant rules, cases and legal ethics opinions.

With prizes!

(Stupid prizes, but still…)

The  issues are up to the minute based on current events, legal ethics opinions and news from around the nation with legal ethics significance. Each installment of the Ethics Funhouse is completely different, and customized to the particulat client and audience.  Past versions have included questions, puzzles and hypos regarding…
•    Electronic discovery
•    Social networking traps
•    Negotiation tactics
•    In-trial crises, such as the lying witness; the unethical judge
•    Threats and other coercive tactics
•    Expert witness issues
•    The Berger standard (government lawyers)
•    Use of client information/confidences to assist other clients
•    Political pressures
•    Dealing with “thrust-upon” conflicts
•    Reporting misconduct
•    Dealing with an impaired adversary
•    Communication dilemmas
•    Handling the dubious assignment
•    Prosecutor ethics
•    Regulatory dilemmas
•    Spouse and relative-related conflicts
•    “Moral gray zone” issues: the Rules firms agree to ignore
•    Whistle-blowers and stolen proprietary material
•    Conflicts of interest
•    …and more.


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